Sara Jolie Named the April 2021 Class Act

By Scott Waldrop 

“Sara Jolie is a librarian at Sam Houston High School. She is so much more than that! Her library is truly the HEART of the school. Because of an increase in challenges in the student body associated with suicide, and other issues that threaten the mental health and stability of our teens, Ms. Jolie has partnered with the McNeese Psychology Department to create a thriving “clinic” to help meet the needs of students. This is an INVALUABLE service and needs to be recognized by the district and community as a Class Act.” Carolyn Thomas

Lake Charles Toyota is proud to partner with KPLC to spotlight the best educators in Southwest Louisiana. Nominations are gathered through where they are evaluated and chosen by a panel of KPLC employees. The inscription on the Class Act award reads, “In recognition of Southwest Louisiana’s most dedicated and talented educators. Lake Charles Toyota believes in education and the opportunities it affords students to change their trajectory and achieve the impossible. We proudly spotlight the work you do in the classroom. You’re a Class Act!”

June 6, 2023
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