Should You Buy Certified? 5 Reasons the Answer is YES!

There are many benefits of buying a used car, but one of the drawbacks may be that you don’t know everything about its history. How many owners did it have? Was it in any accidents? These are common questions that interested drivers ask, and fortunately, they can all be answered when you buy certified pre-owned.


Keep reading for the top five reasons you should buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from Lake Charles Toyota:


1. You Can Have Peace of Mind



As the opening paragraph indicated, one of the top benefits of buying certified pre-owned is that you will know about the car’s history and condition.


Every certified pre-owned car, truck, and SUV comes with a CARFAX history report, which details how many owners it’s had, if it’s ever been in an accident, how many times the title switched hands, and if it had mechanical repairs, and if so, what kind. This is just a sample of what the CARFAX history report can offer you.


The more you know about the used car you’re buying, the greater confidence you’ll have that it’s safe for you or anyone else in your family to drive.


2. You Can Shop Competitor Makes and Models at the Same Time



Maybe you’re considering a used Toyota, but perhaps you also have an eye on a used Lexus or Audi. Instead of having to visit those brand dealerships like you would if you were buying new, buying certified allows you to browse competitor makes and models on the same lot.


This is because many people who are interested in buying a new car will trade their current model in to save some cash on their down payment. The result is that you have a huge selection of certified used vehicles to choose from. This saves time and ensures you’re buying the right vehicle for you and your needs.


3. You Can Trust That It Has No More Than 85,000 Miles on It



The more mileage there is on a car, the sooner it will have to go into the shop for maintenance and repairs. This is one of the main reasons why so many people don’t like to buy used.


However, when you buy a certified vehicle from Lake Charles Toyota, you can feel confident that every vehicle you look at has 85,000 miles on it or less. Why? Because a car can’t be certified if it has higher mileage than this. It’s the Lake Charles Toyota difference!


4. You Can Save Money


certified pre-owned

Photo by Raivis Razgals on Unsplash



Another big benefit of buying certified pre-owned is that in doing so you can save money. Though these cars and trucks may be certified, they’re still pre-owned, and pre-owned cars are always cheaper than those that come brand-new from the manufacturer.


The price difference could be thousands, and since certified pre-owned cars are no more than six years old, you’re getting a car with most of the same features as their newer counterparts but at a fraction of the cost.


5. They Come with Warranties



Why should you buy certified pre-owned? Because doing so comes with warranties. For example, a certified pre-owned car from us comes with a 12-Month/12,000-Mile Limited Comprehensive Warranty that isn’t just transferable but also covers the cost of any repairs that fall under typical use due to faulty workmanship or defect.


This isn’t all. You’ll also have a 7-Year/100,000-Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty, 8-Year/100,000-Mile Factory Hybrid Vehicle Battery Warranty, 8-Year/100,000 Mile Fuel Cell Vehicle Warranty, and 7 years of Roadside Assistance.


This Roadside Assistance covers things like lockout service, jump starts, flat tires, towing after a mechanical breakdown or auto accident, and up to 3 gallons’ worth of fuel delivery two times a month if needed.


Warranties like this give you peace of mind that you’re covered on top of the existing peace of mind that your vehicle is in good shape because it’s been certified. To explore more of these benefits, reach out to the team at Lake Charles Toyota.


Head on Over to Lake Charles Toyota to Browse Our Certified Pre-Owned Inventory!



There are so many benefits of buying a certified pre-owned car. If you’re in the market for a vehicle that’s new to you, then head on over to Lake Charles Toyota.


Not only do we carry a wide range of certified pre-owned vehicles for you to choose from, but we can also help you with every step of the used car-buying process, including submitting a finance application.


There’s no better time to buy certified pre-owned than right now. The knowledgeable sales team at Lake Charles Toyota can help. Visit us at 3905 Gerstner Memorial Dr., Lake Charles, LA 70607 to get started.






April 26, 2024
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