Why the Toyota Highlander is the Best Family SUV

You and your family deserve the best when it comes to an SUV that meets your needs. The Toyota Highlander is an affordable option loaded with technology, safety features, comfort, and style that stands out on the road. You can also choose a hybrid model if you’re looking to improve your economic approach. This simple ride caters to a lot of needs, but it’s ultimately designed for a family in all the right ways. 


Check out our guide below that details just how this SUV works so well for a family vehicle. Come see us at Lake Charles Toyota and we can help you get into a ride that is perfect for your needs. 


Where Does the Toyota Highlander Fall as a Family Vehicle? 


When you think of a family-friendly SUV, you think of vehicles like the Mazda CX-90, Ford Explorer, Kia Telluride, and other similar designs. There are many brands that fit this category, and Toyota is a great choice for midsize SUVs. It has a third row that allows you to seat up to 8 people at a time, depending on the trim package you choose. 


In 2024, Toyota is also rolling out a Grand Highlander, which adds some additional cargo room and legroom for that third row. If space is questionable for you and you want more room, upgrading to the Grand Highlander is a great choice. 


Families often need space for many people, whether it’s kiddos and their friends or filling up the seats with the family. The Highlander delivers here, and you have some limited cargo space behind the third row. If you don’t need all three rows, you can improve your cargo space by laying down those seats. It’s up to you! The SUV has plenty of performance capabilities and caters to the technology needs of family vehicles. It meets your family’s needs and ensures you are taken care of for all of your driving requirements. 


There are several trim packages with a wide range of features. You can choose from the base LE model to the Hybrid Platinum model, with 9 other choices on the board. In this lineup, they have at least three hybrid choices as well. You can choose what works for you, but if you want the most bang for your buck and don’t need the highest level, you might consider the XLE selection. 


The standard base model still has plenty to keep a family happy, so compare the various details and choose what works for you. You aren’t going to be disappointed with any of these. 


Performance for a Family’s Needs


Toyota Highlander


Whether you’re headed to the lake, on a long vacation, or driving to and from soccer practice, the Highlander will deliver for your needs. The power and performance are sufficient for nearly any use, and you have some towing capacity as well. All of their packages have either all-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive, so you can handle varying terrains and driving requirements easily. 


Most models are equipped with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, giving you plenty of power and oomph on the road. Backing down from the V6 improves your fuel economy, and with the turbo engine, you don’t lose any of the power. The 8-speed transmission helps to keep everything smooth and gives you acceleration and transition you can comfortably enjoy on the road. 


Some hybrid models out there are lacking in power compared to standard models. That isn’t the case with the Highlander. The hybrid selections offer similar power and performance, so you won’t feel a difference on the road. And the hybrid from Toyota easily beats the competition in performance and fuel economy when compared to other midsize SUV hybrids. 


Fuel economy is sufficient for an SUV. Most models average about 25 MPG, which may vary up or down slightly depending on whether you’re on the highway or in the city. The hybrid improves those numbers with a combined MPG of about 36. 


Overall, it’s a smooth ride with reliable performance and capability. 


Family Comfort with Interior Features and Technology 


Part of catering to a family’s needs is ensuring they are comfortable and have all the technology they need. The traditional Highlander is somewhat compact in the third row and cargo area, but it’s sufficient for most needs. Again, if you really want to expand that space, you can consider the Grand Highlander that Toyota released for 2024. It’s impressive in space! 


Your choice of trim package will determine whether your Highlander seats 7 or 8 people. This ultimately boils down to whether or not it has a row in the middle or the stunning captain’s chairs. The captain’s chairs also open it up slightly and may make you feel like there is more space. 


From the driver to the passengers, everyone gets comfortable seats. The only differences are legroom, with the third row being the tightest space. Materials are high-quality on every model. Of course, some of the higher trim packages offer extra features like ventilated seats if you want to upgrade your ride. 


All models come with a 12-inch digital gauge cluster that is sleek and modern. The base model has an 8-inch infotainment screen, while most of the other packages have a 12.3-inch screen. This may or may not really impact your ride, but it’s good to know. 


You can also enjoy wireless charging, Wi-Fi, and phone play compatibility. Don’t forget the safety technology, which includes adaptive cruise control on every trim package. 


Load Up the Family in the Toyota Highlander


The Highlander provides a stunning family car that offers several variables to perfectly meet your driving situation. You can choose the right fit and style based on your budget and preferences. There are so many options, including hybrids that stand out in the market. 


Let us help you find the perfect family car for your needs. Come see us at Lake Charles Toyota and we can outfit you in a stunning family ride. 

November 29, 2023
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