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It's no secret that leasing is exploding in popularity as a financing option among many drivers in the area.  There are lots of folks who consider leasing a great value and fit for their lifestyle and budget.  However, there is a lot of bad information circulating about leasing and it can make deciding what to do about your car financing a difficult decision.  Our dealership strives to make sure that you have all the correct information when it comes to your auto financing so you can make the right decision for you.  Lake Charles Toyota, located at 3905 Gerstner Memorial Drive in Lake Charles, LA, is the resource you need when you have a question or concern about a Toyota lease.

Is a Toyota Lease the Best Choice for Me?

There are certainly many customers who make their way into our dealership with plenty of curiosity about entering a Toyota lease agreement.  Who can blame them?  Leasing does have its perks for many drivers.  In order to decide whether a Toyota lease is right for you, it might be a good idea to speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly finance experts, or a sales consultant.  They both know the truths and misinformation that is out there about leasing.  In general, however, entering a Toyota lease might be the right decision for people who meet the following criteria:

  • People who drive 15,000 miles a year or fewer.
  • Folks who get the urge to get a new vehicle every couple of years.
  • The desire for the latest features and technology in your driving experience is something you crave.
  • You are not the type of person who likes the idea of customizing or personalizing your ride.

Even if you don't necessarily meet all, or even any, of the above criteria, a Toyota lease might still be the right choice for you.  Feel free to reach out and discuss your specific situation with someone on our team.

The Advantages of Leasing vs Buying

Buying can be the right decision for some drivers, but there are specific advantages that leasing enjoys that a purchase can never touch.  For example, someone who leases a new Toyota car, truck, SUV, or minivan will have a much lower monthly payment than they would if the took out an auto loan for it.  Many times, this is a significant difference.  It can be achieved because, with a lease, you are only paying for the time you have the vehicle.  Most lease agreements are between two and four years, while an auto loan can sometimes be six, seven, and even eight years.  When a driver leases a vehicle, they also have manufacturer's warranty coverage the entire time they are in the vehicle, meaning they aren't responsible for any costs associated with auto repairs.  When you purchase a vehicle, you are responsible for any repairs that occur when the manufacturer's warranty runs out, even if you are still paying off your car loan.  As mentioned above, a Toyota lease also affords you the ability to get access to all the latest convenience, luxury, and safety features available on a frequent basis, while trying to get out of a vehicle in a couple years may cause you to have issues with negative equity.  Essentially, negative equity is your vehicle being worth less than what you owe.  This typically happens with vehicles because there is a significant depreciation for the first couple years after you drive it off the lot.

Explore the Great Toyota Lease Specials

You probably have seen ads on the television, or on the internet, for huge lease promotions going on at every car dealer.  At Lake Charles Toyota, we offer attractive Toyota lease programs on some of the most popular models in the Toyota lineup, including the Camry, 4Runner, RAV4, Corolla, Highlander, Tacoma, Tundra, Sienna, and Prius.  These lease offers give drivers a chance to get behind the wheel of one of these premium vehicles at a monthly payment that would make even the most value-conscious shopper impressed.  Lake Charles Toyota always has competitive lease offers on new Toyota vehicles for our valued Lakes Charles, LA customers.  If you have any questions about any of the current Toyota leasing promotions, feel free to reach out to one of the finance experts at our dealership.

Making it Easy to Apply

Are you interested in getting started on your Toyota lease?  Do you want to take advantage of one of our lease deals before they expire?  Complete our online finance application today and start the process of finding the right Toyota lease offer for you.


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