Toyota Highlander

Moving Just Got Easier Thanks to the Toyota Highlander

Toyota has an awesome reputation for making classic simplicity look great on a vehicle. Whether you want a basic build or all the best features, they bring you options and functionality. Toyota focuses on reliability and function, but also brings renowned technology to make sure you have the best vehicle possible. 

When you’re moving and grooving, you need something large and something that won’t break the bank to drive. Perhaps you need some towing capacity. You get all of these moving tools with the Toyota Highlander. 

Here are just some of the features that might make moving easier for you. When you’re ready, Lake Charles Toyota will be happy to show you more about this vehicle. 

Spacious Interior and Cargo Space

When you’re focused on moving, it’s likely the first worry you have is space to move items. You’ve got to pack up boxes, furniture, and all those awkward items that are hard to take anywhere you need to go. 

Thanks to the comfortable and spacious interior of the Toyota Highlander, you’ve got plenty of room. The space is mastered for you, particularly if you don’t have to worry about backseat passengers and you can lay all the rows flat. 

Even with passengers, you have generous room, but lay down those seats and you have open space with endless possibilities. So whether you’re moving kids from school to soccer practice or you’re moving your home across the state, you’ve got the space. 

In fact, when you’re carrying passengers, you can seat 7 or 8 people, which is more than some third-row vehicles. You can carry 8 if you have rows and 7 if you have captain’s chairs in the middle. 

You can fit at least four suitcases behind the third row when it’s up. When you put down all the rows, you substantially add to the open space that you can utilize. This works well for boxes, bulky items, and even some small furniture needs. 

Move with Ease Thanks to Performance

One important element of this vehicle considers the performance details and how those can contribute to your move. You might need a towing package upgrade or addition, but this large SUV is fully capable of towing to certain capacities. 

There is a hybrid Highlander model available if you really want to improve your fuel economy. Depending on what types of trips you’re making back and forth for all that moving, this could really help you out in the long run.  

Each of these SUVs boasts a four-cylinder engine, which is also great for fuel economy. Regardless of whether you choose the hybrid or the standard model, you have plenty of power to take you where you need to go and then some. All models have front-wheel drive, and some of the packages are all-wheel drive. 

The basic non-hybrid models have great fuel economy, which is about 28 MPG in the city and 31 MPG on the highway. You’re not going to beat that easily anywhere else! 

Safety for Your Move

Toyota Highlander

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Whether you’re hauling a trailer or have a full cargo space, you need to be able to stay safe on your drive. Even if you’re just moving those kiddos, safety is absolutely essential. 

So often, we take safety for granted in a vehicle. We assume that if it’s on the road, it must be safe enough. While vehicles do have to meet certain standards to be sold, that doesn’t always mean the maker made safety a priority. 

However, the Toyota Highlander has safety as a priority and there are plenty of safety features to make your ride smooth and safe, no matter what you are doing. Here are a few of the safety features:

  • Emergency braking
  • Pedestrian detection technology
  • Lane keeping assistance
  • Blind spot monitoring and alerts
  • Automatic high beams
  • Adaptive cruise control

On top of that, the Highlander has always gotten good overall crash ratings from various sources. It’s a ride that you can rely on in more ways than one. 

Your cargo is precious, whether it’s kids in the back or your beloved items. You want to know that you can do everything you are able to keep yourself and anything else in the vehicle with you safe and sound. 

While there are no guarantees, these features certainly go a long way to help. 

Cozy Creature Comforts in a Toyota Highlander

We talked just a little bit about interior space and cargo room, but let’s focus more on the technology and interior style and design. 

First, the Highlander is equipped with a massive 8-inch touchscreen on all models. It’s large and it’s gorgeous in the center of your console. It’s easy to use and navigate. Some trim packages have different features, but you get basic connection options and connectivity with all models. 

Some of the higher models have an even larger 12-inch screen available. In addition, you can enjoy the complimentary Sirius radio, a 4G hotspot in the vehicle, and Alexa integration. On some models, there is an included smartphone charging station for your convenience. 

The seats are all designed to be cozy and comfortable, with elegant style throughout the interior. You will be impressed at just how nice everything looks inside, even on the base models. And the premium models have great additions like leather seats. 

Get Your Move On in a Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander can contribute to a physical move where you’re transporting cargo and belongings. However, it’s great for just moving about and transporting passengers as well. It’s spacious and comfortable and has an element of grace and smooth riding for your drive. 

Come check out your Highlander options at Lake Charles Toyota. We’ve got the right ride for your needs!