Toyota 4Runner

Explore the Path Not Taken in a Toyota 4Runner

Toyota’s 4Runner has always been about exploring and adventure. The best part is that you can always enjoy heading off the beaten path, but you can have a great drive on the beaten path, too. This car has a reputation for hitting the trails and leaving no disappointment behind on your adventures. 

It’s capable, it’s safe, and it’s a master at off-roading adventures. But don’t fall for the notion that you can’t enjoy it in the city or for highway driving. It excels in these areas, too. You get the best of both worlds in a sweet SUV. 

Take a look at the details below and then come see us at Lake Charles Toyota in Louisiana to find the right Toyota 4Runner for you. 

The Toyota 4Runner: A Mid-Size SUV Created for Adventure

The Toyota 4Runner has always been rugged. Each year, Toyota makes minor changes, but one thing you will notice is that they’ve never lost sight of the overall design behind the car. 

Sure, the body and the style upgrade as we go, but unlike some vehicles out there, you have almost the same concept as you did when they released this SUV 40 years ago. It’s been running strong and it works well for adventurous souls. 

The 4Runner has towing capability, steady power, is built for trails and offroading, and still brings you simple comforts and abilities as well. It really shines on those paths not taken, but holds up just fine on the everyday roads, too. 

With updated technology, Toyota has added certain features like being able to change your drive mode. The latest editions add Crawl Control and Multi Terrain driving mode selections. This automatically adapts your drive for the type of adventure in front of you. 

Whether you’re heading up the rocky cliff sides, driving through the mud and water, or heading out on the highway, you’ve got smooth action and everything you need to stay safe and sound. 

One thing about the 4Runner is you have a multitude of choices that you can make. They have 15 different trim packages to choose from. Some of them are built specifically for offroading or trail, and some of them contain premium features. 

Performance for Your Path in a Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner

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When you’re an adventurer, you need to know that your vehicle can handle the power and performance needs for your crazy rides. The 4Runner is built for power and functionality. 

Where many midsize crossover SUVs now use a turbocharged or four-cylinder engine, Toyota ramps it up, starting with a V6 on even the base model. The lowest-end model hosts 370 horsepower and a 5-speed automatic transmission for your path. 

Some models use rear-wheel drive, which is great for trails, offroading, and towing needs. Other models use four-wheel drive, which is the better choice for most terrain, and it holds up better in the snow and ice. 

The power might slow you down slightly when you’re accelerating on the highway. Keep in mind, the 4Runner wasn’t really designed for speed. It will certainly reach those higher speeds, but it might take its time to get there. That simply isn’t the priority with this type of ride, right? 

In addition to the power, you’ve also likely got towing capacity on your mind. Thanks to the RWD or 4WD, towing is smooth and efficient. You can take along your boat, RV, or other toys no matter where you’re going. You might even want to grab the trailer with your Razr for some of your adventures. The towing capacity is right around 5,000 pounds on this SUV. 

Fuel economy is somewhat affected by the V6 and off-roading capabilities on this Toyota. You can expect roughly 14 MPG city and 20 MPG highway. 

Safety for Your Ride

One thing Toyota really got right with the 4Runner is their safety specifications. They went the extra mile to keep you as safe as possible, no matter what type of adventure you might be on. 

The newer models include the latest technology for safety, including emergency braking, forward collision alerts, lane keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control. You also have blind spot monitoring so you always have a clear visual on the ride. 

In addition, the SUV is built for safety on the road with high-quality suspension, top-rated restraints, and a bulky design that’s meant to protect you if you roll. You have a balanced platform to help prevent this type of incident from happening. 

Technology to Depend On

Finally, while technology might not be your primary focus, it can certainly come in handy on your 4Runner adventures. One of those awesome technology features is navigation, which Toyota included in all of the latest Toyota models, no upgrading required. 

On top of that, you can play your own tunes with Android and Apple play allowances. You can access a Wi-Fi hotspot as well. Your technology all comes together at the central source of an 8-inch touchscreen that makes it snazzy and useful. 

Of course, some of the upgraded models have a variety of added features to enjoy when it comes to technology. But you can enjoy even the basics here and have a great time. 

Prepare For Your Next Drive in a Toyota 4Runner

It’s clear to us that the Toyota 4Runner was specifically made to enjoy offroading and other tenacious adventures. You can use it as your everyday ride or get out there and hit the trails and paths for a lot of fun. The SUV delivers quality time and a great experience, no matter where you might be headed. 

Head on over to Lake Charles Toyota to get up close and personal with one of these SUVs and learn more about your options.