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2023 Toyota RAV4 front view

Find Reasonably Priced Toyota SUVs in and Around Lake Charles!

SUVs to buy under $30,000 in Lake Charles, LA 

When it comes to buying an SUV, Toyota always comes to mind. Toyota SUVs provide durability, agile handling, and an enjoyable off-road experience. In any case, are they affordable? Yes! They are competitively priced and offer excellent value for money. This blog by Lake Charles Toyota elaborates on SUVs to buy under $30,000 in Lake Charles, LA! 

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2022 Toyota C-HR side view

How safe is the 2022 Toyota C-HR for you and your family?

Check out the safety features of the 2022 Toyota C-HR!

When buying a new vehicle, it is very important to know if it is safe for you. If you are planning to buy a new subcompact SUV, you must consider the 2022 Toyota C-HR. You and your family will always be safe and protected while traveling as the SUV offers a variety of safety and driver-assistance features. To learn more about those features, keep reading this blog post by the Lake Charles Toyota dealership in Lake Charles, LA.

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2021 Toyota C-HR exterior side look

What is the 2022 Toyota C-HR?

How Does the 2022 Toyota C-HR Look?  

Toyota is back with another excellent vehicle to add to its 2022 Toyota lineup, the 2022 C-HR. The compact crossover is fast, elegant, stylish, and loaded with big features. It is designed to combine the driving experience of a sedan with the seating position like an SUV. Have you got the chance to look at the vehicle? If not, Lake Charle Toyota of lake Charles, LA, has got you covered. We have a video of the reveal of the 2022 Toyota C-HR. Scroll down and watch the video. 

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Front driver angle of a white 2021 Toyota C-HR

Trim Levels and Features Offered for the 2021 Toyota C-HR

2021 Toyota C-HR Price, Trims, and Amenities

Interested in the modern and stylish 2021 Toyota C-HR? A great candidate for individuals, this small crossover offers the right size and loads of fun. Of course, this model offers various trims and amenities to choose from. Keep reading to explore our brief overview of the trim levels and features offered for the 2021 Toyota C-HR.

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Row of 2021 Toyota Nightshade Edition vehicles

What is the Toyota Nightshade Edition?

Nightshade Toyota Models and Amenities

If you are searching for a Toyota that is both sleek and stealthy, the Toyota Nightshade Edition is the right choice for you! Providing a dark and sporty appearance, the Nightshade Edition is an available package option offered for many popular Toyota models. Offering exclusive design amenities, the Nightshade Edition has quickly grown in popularity among drivers. Below, we will detail the Toyota Nightshade Edition models and various features you can enjoy with each.

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