Calcasieu Parish Schools

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    We at Lake Charles Toyota are proud of our association with DeWanna’s Closet and the efforts put forth to provide clothing items for the students of Calcasieu Parish School Board schools.  We also partner with them to provide a huge amount of school supplies at this time of year.  We meet the needs of teachers whose classrooms are short of needed supplies to restart their classes.  We open our showroom for dispensing special gifts that community supporters provide to teachers to help them restart their classrooms and fill other needed items.  If you visit our showroom at this time of year you will notice it is full of items that are supplied for classrooms and teachers to pick up.  We enjoy getting to meet these special servants and talk to these educators about the challenges they face in the classroom.
We spend a lot of our time, energy, and money to try to make the CPSB experience a better one for students and teachers.  Just one thing we do is provide over 5000 boxes of Tissue/Kleenex for the classroom.  This is a bigger task than one might think, as our staff has to assign them to classrooms and dispense them.  It is just one of the things our staff does to be involved in the back to school efforts at this time of year. 
    Another area we help is in the food programs.  Many students in our parish have times when they have no food in their homes over the weekends or during holidays.  To address that, we make plate lunches for our staff and collect donations for the meals. Then we use the money we raise  to fill backpacks with food to give students.
    Again, we believe it is our privilege to support and participate in the nurturing of our community and one of the ways we do that is through supporting DeWanna’s Closet.  We hope that it helps our schools to serve our students better.  We encourage others to get involved as well.  There are lots of efforts like this all across our community.  We are hoping for a great back to school season for our CPSB students and teachers this year.

Photo Credit: Craig Hebert

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