Take a Look at These Toyota Camry Safety Features

Why is the Toyota Camry once again being recognized as a popular midsize sedan drivers can't stop raving about? Take a look at some of the safety features to discover the answer.

The Lane Departure Alert feature in the new Camry is designed to keep the driver focused on the road. If the car drifts, the steering wheel vibrates. if the driver doesn't act, the car is slowly nudged back into the lane until the driver corrects the issue.

The Pre-Collision System feature helps the Camry avoid potential accidents. If a vehicle is detected ahead of you moving slower than your vehicle, you'll get an alert. If you aren't applying enough brake, the brake assist adds more force to the brakes to ensure your vehicle will not be involved in a crash.

If you want to see these safety features, come to Lake Charles Toyota and take the new Toyota Camry for a test drive.




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