Customers near and far

It is one of the joys of my business career to serve my friends and meet their needs in the automobile area.  I have been privileged to be trusted by friends all over the country, as much as in our local area. DeWanna and I have been able to sell, service, and advise customers for over 33 years now and we have enjoyed it so much. 

We also love to travel and see different areas of our beloved state of Louisiana, as well as our cherished and beautiful country.   I have been fortunate to have visited every state in our Union with the exception of North Dakota and Vermont. 

It is particularly pleasing and rewarding when we can combine these 2 pleasures.  This past weekend was one of those times.  We delivered a 2018 Prius to our good friend in Branson, MO area and then continued to Kansas City area to deliver to some other friends.  It is very gratifying in to be entrusted with the purchase of a new vehicle, and to have someone from those distances allow us to serve them is an added privilege.  We even took the opportunity to break up the return trip by stopping in West Monroe to visit some family who also had just recently allowed us to deliver a vehicle to their daughter who lives in Baton Rouge. 

I must confess the trip was a little more rushed than it might have been in previous occasions as we became more anxious than usual to return home.  We are experiencing the new privileges and joys of being grandparents, and we could not wait to get home to see our 6-month old Miles, and his 2-month old twin cousins, Millie and Graham.  We also miss seeing 5-year old Aubrey and 3-year old Blaire. 

We are so blessed to be able to serve our customers, near and far, as well as travel our great country and still get home to enjoy little ones.  It makes life so full and meaningful.

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