Too Busy To Call: Schedule Your Service Online

Automobile owners know and understand the importance of routine maintenance for their vehicles, but people are busy and tend to forget about scheduling an appointment. At Lake Charles Toyota, we are now offering online service scheduling. Here are some reasons to utilize online service scheduling:

  • Convenience- You can easily schedule your service online from your phone or computer and pick the time and date that is most convenient for your busy schedule.
  • Lines- By scheduling your appointment online you no longer have to wait in long service lines to let them know what is wrong with your vehicle.
  • Faster Service- When customers schedule their appointments online it allows dealership staff more time to work on vehicles. With less staff on the phone scheduling appointments it creates faster service and you can get your vehicle back sooner.

Our team understands that our customers have busy schedules, please utilize our online service scheduler to conveniently schedule your next appointment.

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